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Increasing reach, leads, and revenue for your metal fabricating or parts and products manufacturing business.

We help you with local reach, across the USA, and the World. Region Exclusivity – We do not provide support to your competing companies.

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We Manage Digital Strategy for:

  • Industrial & Military Machine Shops
  • Parts & Product Manufacturers
  • Metal Fabricators

We report to:

  • C-Level Executives
  • Marketing Teams
  • Operational Teams

Featured Manufacturer

Metro Steel USA was completely rebranded and now the website creates request for quotes consistently for heavy metal and precision fabricating projects.

Increase Reach. Generate Consistent Leads. Activate Your Customers.

We Implement the Small Tasks that Make Big Progress for your Company’s Digital Footprint.

Services and Case Studies for our Manufacturing Partners

Reaching your targeted audience on a consistent basis to provide leads, branding, and increased revenue.

SEO for your top manufacturing keywords related to your products or service. As an example, ‘Wireless Fuel Management System’ is a search phrase that a technology manufacturer wanted to be # 1 and since 2017 it has held position. This creates highly targeted leads for years to come.

A major aerospace supplier in Florida was looking to grow in Google search. Starting the digital strategy in 2018 until today in 2022, their web presence went from 700 keywords listed in Google to 3,500+ with a 3x increase in monthly organic visitors. ‘Top 3’ keyword listings went from 10 to 112 for revenue growth from digital reach.

Using social media for the manufacturing industry when micro-targeting with paid campaigns generates millions of dollars in revenue. Jason took Vac-Tron Equipment’s Facebook page from 250 people to reaching 2.5 million people per year, generating quality leads from businesses and municipalities to purchase machines from $30,000 to $250,000. Vac-Tron was then acquired by a major corporation and Jason advised the digital merger.

General Welding & Fabricating in Western New York needed a mobile friendly website that generated more leads for trailer sales, welding repair, and much more.

Metro Steel USA had a major website upgrade to help with lead generation for heavy metal fabrication and steel distribution.

Case Study: Made in America 2019 Trade Show reached tens of millions of people with Jason’s messaging of an American Made mission with a combined Google and Facebook micro-targeted ads. Hundreds of companies and thousands of attendees came together in Indianapolis, IN for a memorable weekend and new business relationships.

  • Google Ads in search
  • Display Ads on websites
  • YouTube Video Ads
  • Facebook & Instagram Micro-Targeting Ad Campaigns
    • Business for Facebook Full Development

If you’re still using spreadsheets and don’t have a way to easily manage your leads, it’s time to refine your sales flow with an upgraded Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This will help with productivity, make interactions with leads and existing customers much easier, and increase revenue.

  • Lead Management
  • Pending and Closed Account Management
  • Quote Management System
  • All 100% Customized for your Organization

Meet the Founder

(Pictured) Jason Blount, CEO of Manufacture.Marketing speaking at the Made in America Inaugural Trade Show he co-hosted. Jason introduced Workshop for Warriors.

Passion for manufacturing and web development. He published a viral OpEd in 2012 about Facebook going public. Before then and until now he has studied digital strategy. He has reached 100+ million people for manufacturing clients generating millions of dollars in revenue.

Largest Sculpture at any U.S. Public Zoo is a Steel Menagerie. It’s 130 ft long, 36 ft high and 100 tons of Cor-Ten and this was built meticulously by General Welding & Fabricating in New York.

“Our web upgrade helped save the business and we’re setup to scale. We are able to pivot and grow with the weekly digital strategy calls of data review & completed projects.” – Mark Andol, Founder & CEO of General Welding & Fabricating, Western New York

Digital Strategy Implemented for U.S. Manufacturers

Manufacture.Marketing is best for companies with $1mm to $50mm a year in revenue.

As an executive or marketing director of a manufacturing company, it can be daunting to pull the strings of your digital reach together and see what’s working and what you can delegate.

That’s why it’s imperative you partner with a digital media agency that understands manufacturing. Manufacture.Marketing is laser-focused on the industry. We will machine your digital reach with weekly reporting and screen share review of progress. We become part of the team for your best results.